Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Feel the Flow Now

All things flow. 

That is the grand eternal peace in which we can rest easy within. Nothing real can be destroyed and  nothing unreal exists. Matter becomes energy and energy becomes matter and every piece of everything around you has existed since the dawn of time and is only in its current form because of the circumstances at the moment.

Water turns to ice, Dig? 

Every single soul is just a raindrop falling from the sky, one day we all hit the ground and die, but home is in the oceans and floating round the world so we all rise up just to fall down. 

I love the use of water in this video. From the heat to the snow, they're just making the best of it. Having a good time, and feeling the flow.

So much of our stress and depression comes from not realizing this basic rule of the universe. We get stuck in attachment of having things a certain way, when really, everything is naturally growing and changing, often into something better than what we had in mind in the first place.

Especially here in MN where we have the unpredictability of a 6 month long winter with a patchy spotted summer that will often jump to the 100's. EVERYDAY someone is complaining about the weather. Whether too hot or too cold or too rainy or "too nice" and they have to work....

All of this is attachment to our ideal vision of how things should be. Nothing will ever work as your ideal vision intends, and that is OK! In fact, you can't possibly want something before you know it exists...

So those circumstances that throw a curve ball into your day or way of thinking could in fact be blessings in disguise.

The only way to find out is to make the BEST of everything, ride the wave, and Feel the flow. 


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