Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Calling in Sick to work because you Don't have any Gas Money

Life is full of Paradoxes. Paradi?

So is this video of Dustin Thomas playing a beautiful song in a south Minneapolis Church. I think its really an amazing video. Dustin is one of those songwriters that is instantly timeless (another paradox?). I feel like his words were written a thousand years ago yet they could be specific enough to be about my own life. That is what great songwriting does. That's why no ones going to stop listening to Bob Dylan any time soon. That's why no one is going to remember who the Jonas Brothers are in five years. Do you even remember Now?

Once one is able to unweave some of the paradoxes that confront a person and cause so much cognitive dissonance and inner conflict he can begin to be free. This is the point of meditation, to slip past tension your physical and material wants create with the state of your spirit.

Meditation does not have to be practiced by sitting there chanting ancient mantras in full lotus. It can be achieved in conversation, snowboarding, playing the piano, making love, working your job, washing a dish, reading a blog.

Actually I take that back, it CAN'T be achieved. Because there is no achievement. There is no end goal. there is no start or finish or now or later loser winner about it.
Picture that.

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