Thursday, December 27, 2012

I'm listening to...#1

Listening to by the dude you know you've heard about Metasota.

This is one of those albums that the lyricism is so good that its hard to be able to think your own thoughts while listening because you want to hear every word. That's the thing about hip hop music....

If you strip away the beat...

If you strip away the production and the dope effects and "that crazy pitch shifty thing" people often so get caught up in all you got is


That's why I love doing this, I'm just freestyling without having to rhyme and being able to post links for you guys to let you get a closer look at my thought process.

Because maybe it makes you... think or mad or run or fucked up or realize that the internet sucks or that you want to write yourself or whatever that thing is

It's that universal OH MY GOD feeling when something plucks a heartstring and you realize that this everyday shuffle pattern your stuck in is meaningless and THIS is what truly matters. THIS internal, intangible beautiful thing that we create between each other when we create each other.

That's when the WORDS come in.

Because to a human, there is no sweeter sounding instrument than a human voice,
and to a human, there is no truer sounding vibration than that of someone speaking your language.
and that MC or that opera singer or Frank Sinatra or your girlfriend singing in the shower reverberates within  you in a way that creates this internal paradise where we can understand each other and stand together and be one. You become the words you hear when you believe in the words you hear. And you believe those words when they speak of the things you deal with on a daily basis. That daily shuffle pattern you sometimes forget to get sick of.

Poetry is not a lost art.

That's why people are never going to stop listening to


Because after all of the glitz and glam of the hoi polloi fades away all your left with is what's honest.
Love is honest. No one's honest all the time these days, and we spend so much energy trying to pierce the heart of what's real and what isn't. We are surrounded by the ocean of Samsara and addicted to our illusion's. So often I have a hard time trying to pull honesty out of myself in times that it is most important to do so.

When you hear something honest, something true, you fall in love with it. You feel one with it.
That's why our words are so powerful. (Though action's can be honest too and are even more powerful)

So Meta is honest. The beat's are beautifully minimalistic and weird in a slimy way that reminds you of the cosmos, and they are reminiscent of shit like Homeboy Sandman  (who writes for the huffpost sometimes and says some pretty insightful shit: )
as well as Shabazz Palaces. That's the west coast, midwest and east coast all having characters rise up with similar styles that people are really vibin with and enjoying and finding fulfillment with.

That is the new generation that we are rising up in.
It's not that the east is doing something different from the west, but there are just people from all over tapping into the medium in similar, astonishing ways. Whether it's Japan or Duluth. That's the internet. That's what our grandparents didn't have and what we have at our fingertips 24/7.

The Times are always changing.

So listen to good music:

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