Sunday, December 23, 2012

Beauty is Connection | Celebrating Something Sacred

Oh My God.

What does that mean?

I was a child who grew up in a loosely Jewish household, but throughout elementary school my best friend was raised by strict Christian, conservative parents. This was never a problem by any means, but it forced us to grapple with the concept of god from a very early age. I couldn't understand what was truly different about the way we believed and lived and why there were these boundaries that were put up between how we do things. Not to mention, what in the world is God?

Whenever I said Oh My God around them, they were very offended. They told me not to use the Lord's name in vain. In vain?

In this beautiful TED talk with the beautiful soul Louie Schwartzberg he says:

OH- Is catching your attention, you have started to experience something that is worth your energy and you focus on it
MY- Is you finding that thing is resonating inside yourself, and you feel connection to it
GOD- Is the personal journey that we all want to be on, and that we are all on constantly

How could there be anything in vain in finding a moment of god within something beautiful happening at the present moment?

I think that beauty is god, because the wonder that comes from seeing something new and truly beautiful connects you to that moment and experience, and can open your eyes and see how everything is connected in one brief moment of clarity. This is why I highly recommend trips to the Grand Canyon. Make em car trips, and stop as much as possible in places you didn't plan. Bring your whole family, even your bratty little brother and your condescending sister and share the backseat with them for 13 hours. Go far away from what you know and see something new together.

When you get back, it may matter less who left the toilet seat up. You may mind helping your brother with his homework a little less. They might actually even start to like you a little bit. Who knows?

On 12/21/12 Lifted Mindz released a brand new EP that we have been working on for many months and has been highly anticipated (by us at least :)
The EP is titled Something Sacred and you can catch it all here-

This is our most light hearted project yet and I couldn't be more in love with it. Not just because I think we're the shit (my friends really are though) but because we were able to really get down to the core of this concept in very simple ways.

"If I survive, I'll Dance in the Moonlight, If I'm Divine, I will rise today, I can see the sunshine, If i'm alive, I'll dive into the tide, I will rise today" - Logoz, Wolphe and Eloda on the first track "ChirpChirp"

The whole point of this work is to illuminate the daily lives of our younger selves and our projected selves at the same time in order to capture some of the beauty in the daily grind that we live. From parties under the moon in the summer time, to being a little kid running around with a cape on, the beauty within these events connects us. That is Something Sacred.
To me, that is God.

(Un)fortunately I am cut short today and have to go do some growing up with the help of my family. I am looking forward to it.

Blessings to all, Much love, Happy ChrismahannuakwanzaaRamadan or whatever the hell you feel like celebrating at the moment. Life is light is love and I love you. Grab your christmas present and download Something Sacred for free.

Oh yeah, heres our first ever music video-

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