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New projects, new releases, new perspectives.... I sit down and interview the boys from Silknote!

Silknote Release Show!Whats really cool about this show is that though LMZ isn't officially on the bill, you'll see different sides of every member of the group doing their thing. You'll have to come to know exactly what I mean, but I guess my point is that art is all about expansion of boundaries. 

For me, the entire creative process is about looking for those walls in your mind and society and taking them down however you can. Too often I see so called "artists" who have been doing the same thing for so long. It's easy to tell that they are comfortable, they aren't bleeding the inspiration that comes from bashing your head into the window of perspective until it cracks... 

So push yourself. Do something that people like and then match that with something you love until people hate it. At that point, practice and practice and practice until it becomes something new that people love.  

That is the key.

Key to what?
Success? Maybe... depending how you define it. 

Money? Maybe... if you put it enough practice
a better understanding of self? Yes.
A true journey into that self and the constant rebirth to create a feeling of being "new" every day, thought of by some as enlightenment? Hmmm.... well thats the journey isn't it?

You can find out a lot more about this process in regards to art, communication, and daily life in Kristoff Krane's book The Other.

Today I'm going to sit down with these homies to try to grasp an understanding of their perspective. Maybe we can feel "new" together by looking at things from their eyes. I want to find out how other people approach their creative process, especially working with new people. 

 I'm very lucky, because my lifestyle choices have led me to be surrounded by amazing musicians almost all the time. Today is a really cool day because a couple of my best friends are releasing an album and having their release show. Now I'm not going to go on with shameless promotion cuz that shits boring, so all the info you need you can find here:
Antioch about to take flight

For those who don't know, Silknote consists of these three dudes




Wolphe and Eloda
are both members of Lifted Mindz. We do this whole music thing too.

I asked these dudes all kinds of questions, ranging from personal hygiene to the Antioch's signature stage tactic best known as the "man pussy." Shit was bananas....

Me: When was the last time you washed your pants? 
Wolphe: ugh.. Never.
Eloda: What?

Me: dope man, so tell me, What is Silknote? What are you guys all about?

Wolphe: Silknote is our idea of silky hip hop. We wanted to take that underground jazz smoothness thats happening and make it hip hop and jazz at the same time. Ya know, sing a lil bit, rap a lil bit and feel really free about it.
Eloda: We wanted to make real melodic and not just rap. Nice melodies and cool sounding parts that are really emotional. It's like jumping into a melodic river of brainwaves.
Antioch: So I started talking to these cats... dogs... and Wolphe. At first I was sending Ape [Eloda] beats and sending Joe [Wolphe] a few as well and then one day he's like "yo Erik, why don't we just make an album together?!" We started off in my garage and all the beats are produced by me except for Phaethon which was a collaboration between all three of us.
Eloda: It was originally called fellatio...

Me: I know you guys have group releases as well as solo releases, what was the difference between this project and others you guys have worked on?

Wolphe: I think the cool thing about it is the first time we got down we all went to [Antioch's] house and went through like 100 beats if not more and were really selective about it. It was not just that we liked this one or that one, but we had something that we were going for that it had to fit.
Me: like a common vision?
Wolphe: Yeah exactly and it had to fit a certain mood.
Eloda: We had to have a mutual brain light switch that flicks on

Me: What exactly is Heliades? What does that mean to you, how did you think of it?

Eloda: It's a story about the sons of Apollo. He tries to teach them how to fly the sun across the Earth but basically they fuck up so Zeus throws a lightning bolt at em and they spend the rest of their lives grieving until they eventually turn into trees. I think the overall tone of the album is darker, grieving and emotional.
Antioch: It has it's lighter moments though!
Eloda: Yeah right before the chariot gets struck from the sky...

Me: Did you guys think of that before or after you started thinking of these songs?

Preach to the people, Wolphy 

Wolphe: Right in the beginning. Before we had recorded any songs actually.
Antioch: [Eloda] just threw it out there and we were like "fuck yeah."

Me: Did that play a part in your creative process? Is that something that your music embodies? Having that huge responsibility and carrying the sun but ultimately fucking up and having to live with those consequences?  

Antioch: The whole recording process and the whole way we went about it was kind of us being fuck ups. A lot of goofing around and not getting work done...
Wolphe: As these guys were writing lyrics I was photoshopping a picture of Ape with boobs. That's going to be the album cover... and possibly my profile picture on facebook so look out for that.
Eloda: That's not photoshop, I actually have boobs. 
Me: So this process that you went through, were you not used to that style? How did you feel about it being more of a jamming, goofing around atmosphere as opposed to sitting down and working for works sake?

Antioch: I like the way it was all done. It was fun and it sounds fucking sweet.
Wolphe: The first night we recorded we had nothing ready we just sat down and started writing and were like whatever comes, comes. That's whats cool about this project.

Me: Thats real dope. What is next for Silknote? Is this something that's still growing in your minds?

Eloda: The next Silknote project, whenever that's going to happen is going to include Lydia Liza (of Bomba De Luz) on all the songs.
Wolphe: We're just trying to keep that silky, jazz influenced vibe and grow around that.

Me: Are there things that you are doing differently from other projects? What ways are you pushing yourselves or finding areas where you feel comfortable and sticking with them? Anything new or interesting that you havent tried before?

Wolphe: I've tried some newer styles of rapping. I've tried to take the inspiration of all the hip hop I've been listening to and try to take that on. Before a lot of stuff is really simple and I'm trying to add to that and make it more complicated.
Antioch: For me, I listen to these guys styles, with a lot of half singing-half rapping and I tried to hold myself to that too so that was fun to do.
Eloda: This is really my kind of style. It's right in the core of the kind of shit i feel comfortable doing.

Me: What can we expect from the release show?

Wolphe: a good time!
Antioch: Hyphy!
Wolphe: It's got its ups and downs in an emotional way.
Eloda: [Antioch]'s gonna make a man pussy.

Me: I'm not sure what that is... 

Eloda: I have a video of him tucking his wiener in.
Wolphe: OH!

Me: I really hope that's not a true story...

Eloda: It is...
Wolphe: everyones gonna see it!

Me: Are you gonna do that live?

Wolphe: we should probably do that live... do it on the last song though because we'll probably get kicked out. He never goes anywhere without his vagina.
Eloda: Concentrated pussy grease is actually the name of the album.

Me: How about this lineup? We have Sector 7G, Dem Atlas, Christopher Michael Jensen, Nico (Crocodile Grin) and Logoz the Kritick.
How did you guys come up with it?

Eloda: Everyone who is playing is like our closest family. It's the people who we've been doing shows with for a while and have been with us since the beginning.
Antioch: With the added exception of Sector 7G.
Wolphe: hes the shit
Antioch: I saw [Mike Shank] online one day and thought, fuck it why not try it? and it worked out!

Me: That's whats up!

Antioch: It'll be a nice little family thing at the family location!
Eloda: but don't bring your family...

Me: cuz it is 18+....

Wolphe: and we will fuck your daughters.

Me: and you might see Antioch's vagina... 

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